Weekly recap: Week 1

I walked into the College Summit office to find this on the door to my office space on Friday morning. This is a great way to start the day. Image

I can’t wait to see what interesting things this opportunity is going to bring my way. Check out my office space. There’s the window where I can see the Denver skyline, and my very own, big girl desk. Image

I had a few projects already this week to accomplish. I had to create and implement a presentation about how education can help you to follow your dreams, even when they seem unreachable. Also, I spent time with a bunch of schools this week talking to kids, meeting the principals and hanging out with the College Summit staff who are in the process of showing me all the best places to eat in Denver. Image

Here’s some of my kiddos presenting their “I am” poems…. so powerful. Image

Ryan’s went something like this: “I am from theives and broken dreams, I am from bad role models and detention centers. I am from spicy fried chicken wings and loud music. I am a regular kid. I am from CHSC. I am from GEDs and drop outs. I am from mothers who get high and fathers who don’t stay. I am from hope. I am from….” This kid has been in lots of trouble in the last few years, has very little family support, and recently decided that he wants to change his life around. He will be attending the State College in the fall. 🙂


This week I am feeling hopeful, anxious for more responsibility within the organization, stressed about leaving home, and excited to get settled and have a normal routine. 


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