Making connections.

We had a group of 30 kids sit down over pizza today with a man who has been a college professor for 50 years. He was  a close personal friend of Martin Luther King Jr when he was a young man, closely studied the teachings of Ghandi and actually had several conversations with him, and also worked with Cesar Chavez for a time. his life experiences were phenomonal and the kids really took a liking to this grandfatherly looking gentleman who had a keen sense of humor and sarcasm. it was really funny to watch him put some of our kids in their place! He talked to them about chasing your dreams, about college and creating a college culture in their schools. he connected their feelings of self-doubt to their cultures and their race, explaining why they should never use that as an excuse to skip out on success. I was really impressed by his life experiences and probably was more excited about meeting this guy than the kiddos were. What a great day!


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