Double Duty!

So part of my work at College Summit is acting as their resident photog and documenting our events and stuff. This is really cool for me as a photographer because I can get my hands on some really neat photo and video editing software. This morning I got some quick training on some video editing stuff that will be really cool to take back to my “other life” as a wedding photographer and put together some video clips for my clients.

This week I am working on putting together a bunch of College Summit clips from the year, summer session and our current kids to show to some big-wig investors who are interested in what we do here at College Summit. Hopefully I figure out what Im doing enough to make a semi powerful presentation for them.

Aside from being able to use these new skills in my “other life” and take them back to NY with me someday, I am really excited to be working in the non-profit sector and with some other social service groups because I’m not entirely positive that I will ever be able to find another teaching job. This is teaching me all kinds of new skills and opening up lots of other options of ways to help kids.

Thank you Google 🙂

Although, today I spent alot of time on Google Maps plotting out the distances between my job sites and calculating minutes and miles so that I can be reimbursed later by AmeriCorps…. wow, I’m going to be doing a ton of driving.  Here’s the chart I spent way too long researching and creating this morning so that I can properly calculate my miles.


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