This is gonna be good…

I have had some absolutely beautiful moments here so far. I can’t get enough of looking at those mountains in the distance. Everytime, without fail, that I see them my brain says: “Wow”. I hope that still happens months from now.

In other news I had a perfectly relaxing weekend involving dinner with friends, long lazy days, meeting adorable babies, and ordering Chinese take-out. Life is good.

Work this week is shaping up to be pretty hectic, in amongst their efforts to train me, the head of their company, the CEO and founder of College Summit is making a trip to Denver and we have a week packed with meetings, important lunches and business pitches to seek funding from local companies. My supervisors have me busy with trying to show how our curriculum directly impacts students who frequent area businesses and what having more highly educated people in the area would mean to said businesses. Also, I’m the only one in the office who knows how to use the photo and video editing software so I have been making flyers, interactive maps, and video compiliations to further promote the company. I really like this work, and I feel like it is something I could be really good at….but I prefer to be in schools hanging out with the kids.

I’m in a happy place right now, literally and mentally.


Check out the weather forecast for this week: Does it get better?Image


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