Rubbing Elbows

Wow. Yesterday I met some of the most interesting people. I attended a confrence of Denver school counselors and had the privledge to sit in on some panel discussions with the dean of admissions at Brown university, the director of recruitment at Cambridge and also Stanford, I had lunch with an admissions coordinator and associate director of recruitment at Cornell…. There were people from NYU and Yale, Georgetown and American, Why couldn’t I know these folks when I was applying to college? The gal from Stanford spent  a long while talking to me about the value of getting my Phd…. hmmmm….wouldn’t that be a fun adventure next?

We worked all day on learning what things these elite schools look for in an applicant, and what makes an application get pushed through to the next level towards acceptance and what makes an application get denyed. We discussed financial aid tricks and went over why Denver students dont usually leave Denver area universities to explore the rest of the country. It was incredibly informative, really great connections to make (I dropped a good word in with the big wigs at those schools little brother!) and I really enjoyed myself.

Later yesterday evening, there was a college fair that some of my students attended and I wandered around with them to talk to the college representitives. They are really looking to boost their multicultural enrollment, so many of my students are prime canidates.

Because the debates were here yesterday, traffic was TERRIBLE and it took me forever to get home. They shut down all the major highways through the city and I got desperately lost. I had been feeling so proud of myself too because I made it all the way to the office yesterday without using my GPS. Ah well. Someday I will figure this out.

I put in 12 hours yesterday, whew! It was a long one, but we had beautiful 80 degree weather and the sun was out all day. It doesnt get much better…..tomorrow we’re looking at SNOW in the forecast. Crazy weather here in Colorado.

I’m feeling so blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity to make a difference to so many kids.

Tomorrow is an AmeriCorps team day and we are together all day for training, etc….but also FOOD we’re bringing a Potluck lunch. I love the sense of community we already have after only knowing eachother for a few short weeks.

Life is good.


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