Samantha’s Event at Platte Forum

My awesome new friend Samantha is serving with an organization called Platte Forum. Shes a CBPYT member with AmeriCorps, like myself, but just placed at a different community resource. Her students, from what I understsand, work with local artists to express themselves in various artistic ways. The program gives kids some positive role models, a great way to promote positive expression, and a place to go with people who care about them where they feel safe and cared about. They had an Art Show, gallery style opening last eveing. It was a really cool, gala event, where the kids could be proud of their work and the artist could showcase some of their work as well.  I went with a bunch of friends to stop in to support Sam’s hard work, and also so I could snap a few photos. Also there was snacks. I love snacks. Here’s a quick peek at whats going on at Platte Forum. Nice work Samantha!


One thought on “Samantha’s Event at Platte Forum

  1. Samantha October 18, 2012 / 3:40 am

    this is amazing! thank you Molly!!!

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