GED Graduation Ceremony @ Urban Peak


Several CBPYT members are placed with Urban Peak. Urban Peak is a center designed to help homeless youth. There, youth can receive all sorts of daily services including showers, meals and laundry, but also can get medical assistance, educational opportunities, help with job searches, assistance getting their GED and take classes on everything from Sex Education to Street Smarts. Image

Heres a shot of Helen and Dylan hanging out at Urban Peak!

Last Thursday one of their GED classes was holding a celebration to honor this year’s recent grads. I was invited to participate by taking photos of the grads and their families and helping them to set up and clean up.

I would up being at work from about 7am to 8pm that day. OMG LONG day! But, it was really nice to see how happy and proud the grads were, and also to see my friends at Urban Peak in action. Image

Danielle praising one of her grads on a job well done!

ImageAnd then there was yummy dinner provided! Win-win! Thats Mary serving up some pasta!


Everytime I visit the site of another CBPYT member I am in awe of the amount of hard work these guys put into their jobs, and so proud to be a part of something that is doing such great things for our communities.



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