January is a time for all things new

I love the start of a new year. I always start out in January full of renewed ambition and energy. Unfortunately my January has started out a bit slowly since I’ve had what can only be referred to as THE.WORST.COLD.EVER! So unfun.

Other than that though, I have had a really busy month planning for our super-awesome AmeriCorps retreat which is coming up this Friday! We’re having a day long get-together with our whole AmeriCorps CBPYT team to do fun team-building activities, share a yummy meal and just sort of regroup for the second half of our year. It should be really great.

Additionally I am in the midst of planning for a Global Youth Service Day event, which is a world wide contribution of youth doing awesome things for their communities in April. My youth are participating in a Hunger and Homelessness awareness night, since Denver has a really prevelant problem with homelessness. My kiddos are partnering with the YESS institute kids (CBPYT member Helen P. is planning with me) and the Rescue Mission to make blankets for the patrons of theĀ four Denver Rescue Mission Shelters. It should be a really powerful night where we bring in speakers to talk to the kids, watch a relevant movie (Maybe the Blind Side) and give the blankets to a representitive from the Rescue Mission. I’m pretty excited about it, and it seems to be coming together nicely.

I’m feel hopeful for good things to come in 2013 and excited to be able to share my adventures with all of you.


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