Service with a Smile

I have so many things to post about I can’t even begin to think about it, so real quick I’m gonna just recap the last few events and post a few pictures and pretend that gives you all some insight into the craziness that is my life.

January brought lots of service projects for AmeriCorps: we have started a canned food drive in preparation for our Global Youth Service day (in April) hunger and homelessness projects, we held a book drive which massed over 8,000 books to be donated to local organizations including libraries and schools, we marched in the MLK marade on MLK day through downtown Denver in support of civil rights and activism….whew! As if that wasn’t enough to keep any gal busy, I was also a part in planning for our January AmeriCorps retreat day which allowed us time to reflect and re-energize as a group….

Also, at College Summit we are in the midst of planning our annyal fundraising Gala which is a pretty big deal I understand. Additionally we just held our second Peer Leader Initiative training at Denver University, which involved over 120 kids and their teachers and counselors.

Needless to say, its been a crazy, hectic and super fast month. Things have flown by and time is slipping away quickly. Its hard to believe I have already been serving with AmeriCorps for almost 6 months!


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