I like my dog better than I like most people….

10 reasons why a dog is truly (wo)Man’s best friend:

dog best friend

Number 10:
Dogs are so stinking loyal! They never, ever cheat. No matter what other person entices them with bits of hot dog, or promises of bacon, at the end of the Day when I come home from work my dog will be waiting for me, little tail wagging. Dogs are way better than boyfriends.

Number 9:
Dogs don’t care when I put on a few pounds, and are more than willing to be my workout buddy while I run them off. Penny has never judged me based on what ridiculous outfit I’m wearing or told me that my jeans make me look fat. That’s love right there.

Number 8:
The later I am, the MORE excited my dog is to see me. I’ve never come home to a boyfriend who said “You were supposed to be home hours ago,
Gee, I’m so happy to see you!” Without fail, no matter if I’ve been gone for five hours or five minutes, the dog will be there by the door, dancing around on her hind legs, absolutely bursting with joy. I love that joy.

Number 7:
They feel guilty when they’ve done something wrong. You know the look. The one with the EYES.


Number 6:
They are always happy when your friends come over. My boyfriends always got that look of terror in their eyes when I announced a few girlfriends would be coming over for the evening. But the dog? She’s all: “YAY! More laps to sit in, more hands to pet, more balls to be THROWN!”

Number 5:
They never complain about your cooking and you never have to worry about little spills in the kitchen. Penny is my best cooking partner, she taste tests everything and even helps clean up!

Happy little Penny

Number 4:
You can train a dog! Bet your dog has never left his shoes in the middle of the floor or left the seat up on the toilet!

Number 3:
Dogs have unconditional love for you. I mean really, put down a bowl of unidentifiable kibble and that tail starts to wag and your dog is all “Yesssss! You’re giving me prime rib for dinner! You love me! I love you! You love me! I love you!”

Number 2:
Stress reduction. Seriously, when I come home from a truly rotten day, she looks right at me, listens exclusively to what I have to say, and licks my face as if she totally knows how big a jerk my boss is.

Number 1:
You never have to be alone. I mean never. Not even for a moment. Not even when you have to pee.

penny outside3


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