Sometimes You Just Have to Walk Away

I wish my grandmother would start to explore her options as far as taking care of herself too. I know that she is frustrated and scared and sad, but she also doesn’t ask for help, doesn’t take or listen to our advice and won’t seek out the resources we have tried to share with her online.

In The Trenches

When our children were babies and they were crying inconsolably, we would sometimes put them in their crib and walk away, so we could keep our wits about us.  When our kids were teenagers, we had to walk away to prevent us from whopping them upside the head when they pushed our buttons.  Our loved ones with Alzheimer’s are no different.  Sometimes you just have to walk away for your own sanity.  And it’s okay to walk away.

When the family’s phone calls bombard you because “dad doesn’t sound right,” or when dad is taking apart his electric razors repeatedly and leaving all the little pieces everywhere, after you spend a lot of time putting them back together, it’s time to walk away for a little while.  When the telephone becomes the remote and the alarm clock is the phone, it’s okay to go somewhere and attempt to clear…

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