Packaged Love: Freezable Meals for Grieving Families

When I answered the phone that evening, I wish I had been sitting down. Receiving the news that a dear friend of mine had just lost her husband in a fatal car accident made my heart hurt. It was sudden, unexpected and so unfair. My friend and her husband were recent empty nesters, just beginning on the journey of discovering themselves as a couple again. They were active church members and a true inspiration to me as I struggle to find my own feet in my relationships in this crazy adult world.

I have been struggling with trying to find a way to ease their burden, to help this family during this time of transition and crisis. I feel so helpless. Aside from praying, I’ve been searching for something that I could do.

It seems that food has always been a way to show love and comfort to a family who has lost a loved one.   Feeding people is a very tangible way to demonstrate our love to them at a time when we cannot really ease their emotional pain. After talking with the family I know that they have little time or ambition to cook for themselves, they have out of town guests, and they have limited energy. My friend is losing interest in eating, she’s in shock and her emotional state is obviously tumultuous.

I want to be a blessing to this family.  I know they will be overwhelmed with well-intentioned church folk dropping by, bringing food and so on. At least at first, but once the funeral is over and the extended family has gone home, I want to provide meals for my girlfriend that she can just reheat and eat, long after the chaos of this week is over. I want to be a blessing to her once the house is quiet and the loneliness settles.

So I’m researching some  recipes and ideas. It seems to me like the family may receive too many pasta-type casseroles. I want something unique, and delicious.

What are your thoughts?